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County Fair, 2018

"Shake Your Tail Feathers"

The Monterey County Fair has always been a gathering place for our guild members, families and friends.  We always make new friends too.  Every year is anticipated by the guild because we know that there are new members to be found in our community and new people to teach all that we know about fiber and fabric.  
The Weaving Show held in our own building at the Fair for the last 3 years shares with the public an art and craft form that was almost lost with the mechanization of weaving on commercial looms.  There are still weavers everywhere across this nation and worldwide that enjoy the process of weaving threads into cloth.  
We are but a small part of the weaving world.  That's why we always have a feature wall with weaving from other cultures.  The guild members are privileged to travel over every continent and wherever people reside there are weavers.  Each country has developed its own style of weaving for both the clothing they wear and the households that they maintain.  Our culture wall is always a favorite with the public.  We also have the fun of entering into a little healthy competition.  Handwovens done by local weavers are entered into the Fair and then judged by a very knowledgeable weaving judge.  We all wait to see who won 1st place in their Division and Class and, drum roll, who won Best in Show for a particular year.
Every year brings memories, every year brings moments to enjoy!

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