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Guild members may list their weaving equipment and tools for sale/trade here.
Classified ads are for non-commercial use. Ads on our web site are FREE! Items for sale must be located within Monterey County.

To place a free ad, please send your information by email to  We will attempt to post your ad within 48 hours after receipt.  Please restrict to 120 words or less. Send ad in plain, unformatted text (no attachments) in a single paragraph, only one item or grouping per paragraph.  Your ad MUST contain, the name of the item, the price, YOUR E-mail address. First names are okay– no last names or mailing addresses will be posted; for security reasons, we do not recommend phone numbers. Ads run for 60 days unless requested to be extended or items are sold.



Awesome DeStash Sale of Yarns and Cloth

Friday, June 14 - Saturday June 15 - 10 am - 3 pm

A LOT of gorgeous silks, mostly from Silk Tree and Treenway, all $70/ob.  One box of $50/lb silks from other vendors.  One box of $25/lb silk noils.

Inexpensive cottons, rayons, wool, wool and mohair boucle and linens ranging from $5/lb to $25/ob.  A few interesting weaving tools, including a roller for blocking handwoven yardage.

Some gorgeous fabrics of the Stone Mountain and Daughter/Britex Fabric class of fabric for clothing.







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