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Carmel Crafts Guild Worldwide and Community Focus

Nanyuki Weavers in Africa

We are pleased to coordinate a fundraising effort with Ann's Webb Spinners to raise money for the Nanyuki Weavers who reside in Africa.  The Nanyuki's weaving and spinning help to provide their families with financial support. Every year during the Monterey County Fair we enter into a fiber community effort called the "Sheep to Shawl" event.  The finished item is auctioned off to the highest bidder and all funds are forwarded to our fellow weavers in Africa.

California State University Monterey Bay

Carmel Crafts Guild are the proud participants of a weaving, dyeing and spinning demonstration on the campus of CSUMB. Our college students are encouraged to try their hand at the various fiber activities.  The students are training to be future teachers and will use their skills in the classroom with their students.  We hope that this wonderful opportunity captures the imagination of the students and provides a link to future generations to keep our craft alive. 

Monterey Public Library
Monterey Public Library has generously provided Carmel Crafts Guild with a room to facilitate our General Meetings once a month.  CCG has been delighted to provide the library with a beautiful display in their Main Entrance for the month of October, 2015.  We also have put on a weaving demonstration for the elementary age children that was lots of fun.  We created paper plate handwoven pumpkin faces and scary spiderwebs complete with spiders for their Halloween program.  The children were taught how weaving yarn interlocks the threads and provides a strong foundation for whatever they can dream of.  There were future weavers in the group.  We also put on a spinning demonstration in the Main Area of the library providing library patrons the opportunity to see how fiber is spun into yarn.

Monterey County Fair
Each year the Carmel Crafts Guild has been providing the Fair with a large gallery of hand woven, hand spun, hand dyed items created by our members.  Our hope has been to provide an Outreach to the Fair goers to promote weaving, spinning and all the fiber arts to those within the community.  The guild space provides weaving looms for the public to weave on, displays of beautifully woven rugs, scarves, towels, clothing and handspun yarns.  There are books to read, dvds to watch, tables for weaving activities for the young and old.  Kids Day is always fun.  Loads of kids from all the surrounding schools come in and hear stories about the history of weaving, where yarns come from and why we love to create beautiful cloth.   

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