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Past Meetings, 2017

January:  Coil Baskets
Coil baskets are the topic at our first General Meeting of the year on January 20th, 2017.  Linda and Chuniyo have been preparing for a great day with lots of examples and methods, tips and tricks so that we can all go home with a great coil basket.  These will make great gifts or a nifty place to put your keys.  The list of materials is found in the newsletter so be looking for the latest edition. 
February:  Small Project Party and Stitches West 
In celebration of resources in our own backyard, February will highlight Stitches West 2017 in Santa Clara, CA.  Like our own guild which focuses on weaving but celebrates all fiber crafts, Stitches West began by celebrating the knitter. Since then it has expanded to feature yarns for knitters and crocheters, fiber and tools for the spinner and some yarn and tools for the weaver.  
Join us as we have a knitting or small project party and talk about our past Stitches adventures.  Have a project you want to start? A project you have questions about?  Bring it to the meeting and we'll try to help.  We'll also look at arranging carpools for those who want to visit the Stitches Market, which covers the entire floor of the convention center.  To find out more about Stitches West and look up vendors, coupons and classes, visit 
March:  Stitches West Recap and Rigid Heddle Demonstration 
Guild members who went to Stitches West Expo will show off their fabulous treasures and talk about what they saw and the classes they took.  Chuniyo and Judy will walk us through what they learned and made in the felting and wool classes.
And, we'll talk about the Rigid Heddle class that is approaching very soon.  If you've always been curious about the Rigid Heddle and would like to see how they work, we'll see you at the meeting ready to demo and discuss the capabilities of the rigid heddle.  
See you at the Carmel Crafts Guild monthly meeting for a relaxing day of exploring brand new fiber activities.  Bring your Show and Tell and small projects to work on while you listen and learn. 
April:  Pounding and Bleaching
We had so much fun learning about using flowers to create designs by pounding and building the image of the flowers from our garden onto paper and fabric.  Thank you Jean. We also had a demonstration on the use of bleach and stencils so that we can create a design without color.  Thank you Carolyn.  The perfect balance of color versus no color.
May:  CNCH Show and Tell
Beautiful Asilomar is the showcase location for the Conference of Northern California Handweavers, 2017.  As a way to commemorate this wonderful weekend everyone from our guild who attended will be sharing their experiences and bringing their Show and Tell items they brought home with them.  Which classes did you participate in?  What did you create? Be ready to share your new knowledge and creations with your fellow guild members and bring your enthusiasm with you!
Monterey County Fair is Fast Approaching - Have you decided what you'll be entering this year!!  Don't wait a second longer.....get into high gear and get ready for a fun filled, action packed Monterey County Fair.  Our theme this year:
"Fair Fun in the Summer of Love"
The Monterey Pop Festival, 1967
June:  The Carmel Crafts Guild’s New Groove

Get your groove back! This year the Monterey County Fair theme is “Fair Fun in the Summer of Love” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival. To support the fair, the guild will be all about Tie-dye this month. At our Friday meeting we’ll talk about the history of tie-dye, color theory and a little about dye chemistry. Then the following day, we’ll get together at Robin’s house for a Tie-dye Day (details will be emailed soon). While the art of tie-dyeing as seen in Shibori, Ikat and other techniques has been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the psychedelic form of tie-dye now known in modern America became popular. It was and is a fun and easy way to embellish all kinds of clothing. Please join us as we explore this uniquely groovy art form!
July:  Monterey County Fair/Three Bags Full
Get revved up for all things Monterey County Fair. This month we’ll focus on taking the mystery out of entering your wonderful handmade items. Those Entry forms can look overwhelming but we'll take your fear of filling out forms and replace it with confidence.  We’ll also highlight the Wool Auction which will be held Labor Day. Fiber expert Judith MacKenzie will give us advice on picking a fleece to buy in her “Three Bags Full” video. Hope to see you there as we get excited about the Fair!
August:  Fair Prep on the 18th
We are prepping for the Monterey County Fair at Mary's House, getting ready to deliver our Fair Entries on the 19th and preparing for the Set Up, Aug. 28th-30th and Volunteer time at the Fair, Aug. 31st to Sept. 4 plus Take Down on Sept. 5th.  If you want to help call Mary at 831-915-2238, leave a message if I don't answer.
Sept:  Fair has come and gone
We had another very successful Monterey County Fair.  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who make it possible.  Participation was at an all time high.  We doubled our entries to be judged.  It was a spectacular "Summer of Love" theme, lot's of flower power and truly groovy.  See you next year!
October:  Bobbie Irwin, "Weaving Iridescence" Presentation and Workshop
You will not want to miss our October 13th General Meeting (Note:  Date change for our General Meeting).  Bobbie Irwin will be our guest.  Bobbie has been studying and teaching how to weave irridescence for more than a dozen years, and it has become her most popular workshop.  The workshop is full of happy participants meeting at St. Mary's in Pacific Grove but you are welcome to attend the presentation at the Monterey Library, Community Room on Oct. 13th. from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.  See you there!
One of our newest members will be giving a presentation about the brand new weaving program at Hope Services. In August, she and two other weavers started working with Hope Services to create a weaving program for adults with developmental disabilities. She will be presenting their journey through this process so far, from the first shuttle being thrown, to the thriving weaving program they now have, and the future goals of the program. The Hope clients are being taught the various aspects of weaving from design, the set up process, textile history and finishing so they can develop themselves as fiber artists. The goal of the program is to have the clients design and weave their own products to be sold, earning money for themselves. She will be sharing pictures as well as videos and stories of some very inspiring clients and how weaving has already impacted their lives. She is looking forward to sharing her experience with us all!
December:  It's Time for our Annual Holiday Celebration, Saturday, Dec. 16th, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and it's a True Potluck - Current Members Only 
Bring your cheery elf selfs to our Annual Holiday get together.  We're meeting at Laurie's house because it isn't a celebration unless it's at Laurie's house.  So, we'll see you there.  Bring a present for less than $10.00 and we'll put it under the tree.  Bring one and pick another one.  And, for those who chose names in March, it's time for our Holiday Exchange.....a little drummer roll please.......let's get ready to ohhhhh and ahhhhhh over all the creative and imaginative and skillfully made items.  If you didn't sign up for the Holiday Exchange just ohhhh and ahhhh a little louder but still come.  Bring a dish to share, any type of yummy dish will do.  We are always surprised how all the food groups appear but if it's all desserts, well, who cares:)  We can't have fun unless YOU are there!  You wouldn't let us down now would you???????  
Please RSVP at

Carmel Crafts Guild
POBox 32, Pacific Grove, CA 93950