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Current Meetings, 2018


Join us on January 19th at 12:30pm in the Community Room of the Monterey Public Library for our monthly supply of fiber and fellowship. This month our focus is on finishing your beautiful woven projects. We will watch a video by Laura Fry titled “Wet Finishing for Weavers”. Wet-finishing is the process that turns weaving into cloth. Handwoven threads need water and motion to open them up, flatten them out, move them into place, or shrink them into the fabric that you intend them to be. After the video we will talk about additional ways to finish your woven projects; fringe treatments, pressing, drying methods and more. Bring your own techniques, books, and finishing methods to share.  We'll see you there!


February 16th

Thrums, thrums and more thrums.  Thrums are loom waste.  They are strands of beautiful left over warp bits that are left on the loom after your project is completed.  Come to our February meeting, Friday the 16th and Leelyn will instruct us on how to use those lovely leftovers.  We'll make tassels. Tassels can be attached to zippers, small scissors, a bookmark and little gifts.  In addition, we will be in training for our tassel marathon.  Convergence Goody bags will include our Carmel Crafts Guild tassels.  It will be terrific to have our guild represented at Convergence in Reno in July in the Goody bags that each participant will receive upon registration.  

There will also be a completion of the "Wet Finishing for Weavers" meeting from January.  Susan and friends will discuss how to finish weaving that will become pieces of clothing plus the all important fringe twisters for scarves, shawls, wraps, etc.  Everyone is welcome and we always love new faces.  Please join us at the libary Community Room.


March 16th

 There is so much going on at our guild meeting this month.  The mini workshop opportunity will be given by Judy and she'll teach us how to make shawl pins for our wonderful handwoven and knitted scarves and shawls.  We'll also be discussing our Holiday Gift Exchange ideas and voting on our Logo.  Did you make tassels for Convergence, bring them to add to our collection.  Take time out of your day to join us.  We always have fun!   



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